Wednesday, September 21, 2011

How to choose lingerie for your body shape.

Today stores offer us a huge variety of lingerie. Sometimes we just cannot choose something because there is too much of what to choose from. Boyshorts are ideal for thin girls. And if you choose a pair with frills on the back it will look even fuller. However. if you have a big bottom it will look even bigger in boy shorts.  

Women with a small bust look amazing in push-up bras. And babydolls are nice for slim figures but they look unflattering on short and plump women. Women with a full breast look terrific in corsets and lacy trimming will make the image quite unforgettable for the man.  

General rules for an intimate Lingerie are simple enough: Choose a set, not separates, for a date. A set always look more harmonious. Lingerie shouldn’t be of smaller size. It looks bad when a girl has traces of straps on her shoulders. besides, you’ll feel uncomfortable. Gowns are a very classy choice and go with almost all body shapes. If you decide to buy one, think of appropriate footwear. Of course you‘ve seen pictures of models in lingerie. They all wear heels or nothing. No one wears slippers with seductive underwear. So, if you have no soft heeled shoes with little beautiful feathers try a pair of your favorite stilettos. 

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