Sunday, August 28, 2011

Sexy Lingerie: The True Nature of Us

We adore ourselves when secret emotions take the charge and lead us onto the journey of fascinating world. The biggest mystery ever to visit our planet is about human desire to share the idea of clothes as some layer of protection or others would suggest as means to glorify the beauty that is hidden beneath. Clothes are like the best kept friends of humankind. Women have taken a step further and added them in the list of their weaponry. Sexy lingerie has never been so beautiful before and that too in the darkness of daylight. People like to dress equally well when it comes to sexy costumes that are worn underneath regular clothes of dressing. Human physique is an object of desire or ultimate seduction, depending on the time and place that we are standing on. This also distinguishes artists from porn industry. Definitely, it is well objected and we agree too with utmost respect that every set of profession is a worship place for the individual concerned, be it artists on the stage or in a bedroom.

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